Hija de la Luna

Soy un pedacito del Universo bendito


I don’t want to live in your head anymore
Wandering in the blue melancholy
Of your nostalgia
Remembering our first kiss
Or the day you met me at that party
when you thought I looked so beautiful
19 and high on opium
a red bandana covering my hair

We are still attached through invisible wires
Enough to feel your thoughts penetrating through me
And I feel I’m in your mind all the time
I felt your nightmares, and I’m just as sleepless and scared
I felt you sleep with someone else
Penetrating through her thighs angry
I wonder if she knew you were thinking of me

You’re not speaking to me these days
And this sadness fills me to the brim
Wondering if things could have happened some other way
I know of the injuries sustained
I’d read it later in the report
The sharp knife wound to the heart
Then later stab wounds to the stomach
Severe blood loss left you dizzy and weak
I held that knife, didn’t I?

No, I was in the kitchen crying
You picked me up saying I never let you
Carry me ever
And I held my lips back when you tried to kiss me
Saying not this time
Not this time

Droplets of blood on my kitchen floor
And you left defeated down the stairs
And I mourned and mourned
Sorrow left alone building forts
At the pit of my stomach

Two months later and I’m still haunting
The back of your mind
Disappearing through the walls
Of your memories
Holding your pumping heart
In a white gown
And we can’t both live like this for long
I ask for freedom now
It’s time to go
The lights are long gone
And the stage is dusty
The curtains drawn
There won’t be an encore

Cause I don’t want to live in your head anymore
Wandering in the blue melancholy
Of your nostalgia


Categories: Poetry

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