Hija de la Luna

Soy un pedacito del Universo bendito


These days I’ve been
Finding inspiration in the little things
Like that rat scampering down the alley
Sunrise’s golden light on a rose
A dead cat run over in the street
And you stopping to pick it up with such care

I was wide awake
Dreaming epiphanies
Listening to NPR
And a woman talking about yoga practice
How delving deeply into yourself
Shows the light and the shadow
To embrace your light
You must also embrace your dark

So between the child prostitutes
And the elementary school teachers
Between the kamikaze bombers
And the spiritual warriors
It’s not Light vs Shadow
Rather and Shadow and Light
That make this world so damn beautiful
And so goddamn horrendous

Hurricanes are helping our Mother
Retaliate for the endless years
We’ve existed trying to separate ourselves
This teenage rebellion has gone too long
She says
And we wage our wars in exhaust fumes
And oil drills
And we make our love too little too late
And can’t plant those trees fast enough

Light is struggling for that balance
Over Shadow these days
And I pray with all my faith
That we go back to that magical number
The Mayans knew was key
The Arabs were credited for first
Hunab ku
Yin Yang
The Divine Feminine and Masculine
The Black and The White

Take me back to zero


Categories: Poetry

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