Hija de la Luna

Soy un pedacito del Universo bendito

These are the poems that come when you fall in love with the wrong people..

The Nihilist Thief

You drew a quick sketch of me on the train
I had a dream about
that waiter from the restaurant
downtown where we ditched the bill
he was holding me as I waywardly
turned myself in
all I had was water…
I never mentioned you.

The police were drawing a quick sketch of me
and you were laughing
and tapping on the one-way window
I glared into the mirrors

I know now
you’re not good for me
your moods dictate wind
I am the current
I used to go sailing alone
and watch the sky for the colors
but I now know how the sky changes
and no longer do I wish to see it
Fear is my companion

So I lay quiet these days
afraid of storms
but more afraid of those perfect days
with the warming sunrises
and the sunset’s beauty
that marks the sky
with colors that seem
newly invented every time
it reminds me of the way
you used to hold me
and tell me everything would be fine
that was a lie

It reminds me
of running around the city
walking endlessly
with no money
and that drive along the lake
when you used Nietzsche
to tell me
that there’s no where else you’d rather be

it reminds me of that
pale blue of your eyes
that converts to a deeper blue
when you pleadingly apologize
I can’t say no
to my spoiled child
I am a discipline less mother
feeding your baby bottles
and you are beautiful
wiping my kisses off your cheek.


Categories: Love, Poetry

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