Hija de la Luna

Soy un pedacito del Universo bendito

"Pruébame" Dijo el Veneno

“Puébame” Dijo el Veneno
“Try me.” Said the Poison

This is familiar territory
Butterflies wreaking havoc
In the pit of my stomach
Suddenly I’m reverted to
Being a 15 year old girl
And I swear I giggle like this
On a regular basis
I’m too old to have a crush
Because I know better
Than to like your eyes
Or quote the words out of
your pretty little mouth
to my friends
Words beyond an auditory sense
they don’t stream a straight line like logic
but rather float a pretty little cadence
I think I danced to it
At least I did in my head
Damn butterflies look so pretty and free
But I swear they hate me
Their precious wings
Just flap so delicately
In the lining of my stomach
I am riding this rollercoaster
Up the creaking metal rails on a wooden frame
And right before the dive
There’s a bright flash to blind me
Photo will show me on this day
Dumbly smiling happy
with my eyes closed and arms raised up high
way over my head
God, I hope you never read this blog….

Categories: Poetry

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