Hija de la Luna

Soy un pedacito del Universo bendito

I Miss No One.

I saw this couple arguing at the mall
one of those fights that no one wins
the kind that saps up all your energy
then leaves it there in that moment trapped
with no release
like a clenched fist
that you forgot you could unhinge

I thought about her
expecting apologies
I thought about him
frustrated to the brim

Maybe it doesn´t work
Maybe it never did
Oh the messes we get ourselves in

We learn to be like spiders
weaving our lives so tightly knit
then we forget we are spiders
and act as though flies in other nets
in other lives
then we can´t seem to understand
how we got bit

I stare into the horizon
one of those where you can´t
tell where the sky ends and the ocean begins

The full moon, she gazes
first at the water
then at me
and seems to gleam approvingly

I stare into the most beautiful Mexican sky
you ever did see
My toes caress the soft sand
leaving little etches; footprints of where I´ve been
as though a spider´s thread
to not forget her home
oh..the places I´ve roamed

I miss no one.
There is no familiar little ache
in my heart
No phantom organ syndrome
from being apart
No version of Wish You Were Here
ringing in my head
ringing in my ears

There´s just me and me alone
then there´s me keeping me company
Grateful to the moon, stars, sand
and this place…
The Ocean for her calm grace
To my heart
that pumps solid and strong alone
To my spider,
the one who´s learned
lessons of weaving in and out
and always leaving a trace of silk
back home.


Categories: Mexico, Poetry, Relationships

1 reply

  1. The tinge of "miss you" is is a prize, like an untouched high rise in an earthquake split city. It's the way of knowing that despite clenched fists and spider bites we stand for something, something unshaken that lasts. I often sit atop this lonely building surveying the wreckage, only now it is my home – empty and pristine. The remnant of a metropolis, a dream built blissfully, each brick a kiss. I love to love and love to miss.

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