Hija de la Luna

Soy un pedacito del Universo bendito

The Abortion Expert

The title of this poem came from an open mic that I go to sometimes.  This kid came up to me and said “Hey I loved your stuff especially that ‘abortion expert’ poem.”  I couldn’t figure out the right title for this one so it just stuck.
The Abortion Expert
A heart can never be happy unless it’s free
Cause love only bends it, breaks it, scars it deeply
And a girl like me is always twice as reckless
Until her heart’s left beaten and twisted; her mind callous
I never learn from my mistakes – instead I wait until
I’m out from the mend then seek new ways to bend, beat, break
That which just healed, that which I just felt recuperate
You’re the last person I wanted to see; your smile an indication
Of everything I needed to avoid and instead I got undressed
Left you nothing except what lies under my chest
I want to train my body’s reaction to the butterflies at first kiss
I want to kill them dead before there’s time to reminisce
Then I want to ignore the beautiful massacre that just took place
Butterflies wings now dust while I sit wiping kisses off my face
I want to walk into gardens alone to unplant all seeds
Like an abortion expert – killing things before there’s time to breathe
This is an ode to those who can turn hearts to stone
Please stop it, paralyze it, freeze it, as hard as bone
I’ve loved too many yet the only one I’ve ever slept with is the Devil
And now he won’t stop calling; my body hypnotized, responding
I answer every time ‘cause it still gets lonely.
It still gets lonely…

Categories: Poetry

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  1. "Like an abortion expert – killing things before there’s time to breathe"well put, this line is so awesome, it got the juices in my brain flowin'

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