Hija de la Luna

Soy un pedacito del Universo bendito

Freedom Prayer

Feel the itch to
Shed some old skin
Live in the transformation
Let the Serpent back in
Watch as it coils around you
Until you can’t breathe
Your bones begin to crack
While your gender, age, height, race…
Those defining characteristics
Begin to deconstruct as your body condenses
Wrapped in the coils tight
The Serpent then begs the question
Of your identity
Before swallowing you whole
You’d be surprised just how seductive
That kiss of death could be
It strikes at you quickly
Without warning
Leaving you forever changed
The old you was far too safe
Too boring
Death comes in to set you free
I am not my body
I am not my past
I am not my religion
I am not my sex
I am not my eyes
I am not my university
I am not my career
I am not my family
I am not even my poetry
If you could only remember
Death sits behind your left shoulder
What’s worth fighting for?
What’s left to cling to?
Comes a time
That you just can’t carry it around anymore
I pray to the Crows
Scavengers of the sky
I offer my body
If only to free my soul
Open my pumping heart
Satisfy their thirst
I am but my Father’s daughter
Came into this world with no possessions
This is all I have to offer
Tired of clinging to a false sense of autonomy
Freedom is the unhinged and unsecured
A floating leaf; subject to God’s will
The Wind’s doing
I’d lay naked before Her
This is how I pray
Lay bare enticing the Serpents, Crows
And Wind to come to me
I smoke the tobacco for all my relations
The animals too
And if I could strip down
Be delivered an empty vessel
For Spirit to live through
I would
Surrender completely
And watch how the Serpent saves you
A transmutation of DNA
An evolution of grandiose proportions
Don’t let the fear of death hold you back
For self preservation means nothing
Compared to this final sacrifice
I will never be anything more;
Anything less;
Than this.

Categories: Love, Philosophy, Poetry, Spirituality, The Aztec, The Maya

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