Hija de la Luna

Soy un pedacito del Universo bendito


Maybe she started eating meat after 13 years
Maybe she sold all of her furniture and the paintings too
Maybe she gave up coffee except for sometimes
Maybe she’s not who you thought she was
Maybe she gave away everything she worked hard to obtain
Maybe she understands that no one can really ever own anything
Maybe she’s ready to leave


Maybe she decided to get serious in the joyful way she’s serious about things
Maybe she’s really sorry for the damage done
Maybe she’s got her eye on the prize with a laser-like focus
Maybe she would still love to sing you to sleep
Maybe she knows moving forward means letting go of everything behind you
Maybe she thought of you while packing old pictures
Maybe she’s been feeling selfish lately
Maybe she wants to keep each moment to herself
Maybe she’s felt overexposed
Maybe she won’t return your calls
Maybe she’s ready to put her Midwestern work ethic to the test
Maybe she’s breathing in life’s lessons
Maybe she’s learning to be patient
Maybe she’d be really happy to know you think of her sometimes
Maybe she needs to be alone for a while
Maybe she’s been feeling so damn grown lately
Maybe she’s done fucking around
Maybe she’s craving sobriety
Maybe the mountains did better for her than she thought
Maybe she had a moment of clarity
Maybe she’d forgive you
Maybe she’s been humbled
Maybe she could really use the support
Maybe she’s ready to be loved in ways she never let herself before
Maybe she’s learning to be honest with herself
Maybe she seeks truth in her actions
Maybe she’s learning honor and respect as verbs
Maybe she’s so different
Maybe she’s still the same, just evolving

Categories: Epiphany, Growing up, Poetry

3 replies

  1. I like this a lot. nope wait scratch that. I Love this.

  2. Thanks, Kennyetta! It's the honesty…that's the hardest part. It's coming along though.

  3. "moving forward means letting go of everything behind you"Could not agree more 🙂

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