Hija de la Luna

Soy un pedacito del Universo bendito


Be less despondent
More warm-hearted
Don’t take it personally
Be less self conscious
Make peace with the uncertainty
Let it go
Stop controlling
Write more
Talk less
Work harder
Play everyday
Dream bigger
Be fierce
Be friendly
Slowly slowly
Practice daily
Less arrogance
More acceptance
Kill the ego
Breathe deeper
Push yourself more
Rest more often
Let it go
Turn off the television
Give thanks
Pray all day
Fill up on love
Be less angry
Let yourself cry
Be strong enough
Practice mindfulness
Sink into the pose
Don’t try so hard
Let things flow
Read more books
Listen attentively
Be present
Let it go
Turn off your cell phone
Spend more time outside
Listen to your body
Respect your elders
Let them come
Be the change
Become the teacher
Set the example
Tell the truth
Show kindness
Embody compassion
Look beyond yourself
Know self sacrifice
Dig through your darkness
Embrace your weakness
Hug more people
See the good
Challenge yourself
Widen your perception

Categories: Poetry, Yoga

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