Hija de la Luna

Soy un pedacito del Universo bendito


Phonecalls, deadlines, emails
The constant beeping of
one machine or another
Text messages or meetings
Lots of people to meet
Even more people to be
The names are dropped
Secret handshakes in the backroom
To-do lists extended
Late nights; early mornings
I want to be a black hoodie
Dark sunglasses
Running free and nameless
An inconsequential member
of the human race
With little in the way of
 identifying characteristics
And that “anonymous” type of face
No time to indulge in fantasies
Where’s my coffee?
Red lipstick, black suit
a knack for running in heels
Phone and neck attachments
Shoulders constantly creeping upward
Ravens circling over my head
But no matter; only time for
Conference calls and deliberations
Too forward focused
Balance failing; dark circles
More wrinkles
Shrug responsibilities
In all the ways you know you won’t
Wanderlust escape artist
A knack for running barefoot
Through sunny beaches
I want to be an endless Sunday morning
Reading quiet with dog at feet
Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
Kettle warming
For my chamomile tea
Validation sought
Over “I’m just too busy…”
Acting out accordingly
When’s the last time
I saw my family?
I gotta run, I gotta get this done
Forfeiting personal needs
For the sake of each company
Don’t keep much company
No real company
When’s the last time you were held?
Like, really?
No matter now,
Where’s my coffee?
Where’s my coffee?getty_rm_photo_of_steaming_coffee

Categories: Adulthood, American Culture, Business, Poetry, Spoken Word

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