Hija de la Luna

Soy un pedacito del Universo bendito

My Hands

Model waiting to be dresses

My hand gravitates towards yours

As though you were a furnace

On the coldest day of the year


I keep my hands to myself


My body remembers you

Every cell wants to joyfully leap outside of me

My olfactory senses indulge in a familiarity

Rarely ever felt to me


I keep my body to myself


I am an energetic ball of restraint

For fear of rushing in full force

And never bouncing back

And I am terrified


I keep my energy to myself


A natural inclination to lay my head on your chest

Fall into an embrace like a child to a mother’s breast

Like your strong arms can hold me


I keep my head to myself


My stomach has collected more butterflies today

Than it has all year

And I like the way you look at me


I keep my heart to myself


I am laughing it off when you discuss other women

And everything in your life that doesn’t include me

Using all of my will just to brush it off casually


When really I just want you to

Remember all those little things

That make up me

Like the fact that I’ll never really give up coffee

But I’ll keep trying

And my brow’s arch so slightly when I’m focusing

How I always say obscenities in Spanish

But only when I’m angry

I always laugh at my own jokes

When no one else thinks it’s funny

The way my tongue presses against my front teeth

When I’m smiling

And all I really want to do

Is lie down here with you

With my fingers caressing your face


But I keep my hands to myself


Categories: Adulthood, Love, Poetry

2 replies

  1. I dig this a lot. The two opposing voices…the tension in the piece…make this a great, touching, and well-communicated piece! Much respect, girlfriend.-Shasa a.k.a. Hashbrown (f.k.a. Uncle Butter)

  2. This is beautiful. I wish this was about me.

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